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The Breakfast Club

On an a quiet Wednesday morning at work, one of my co-workers sent out an email to several of us that read, "man I could go for some pancakes right about now." That lead to a chain of emails from "I wish there was a place close by for pancakes" to finally, "hey I can bring in a griddle if someone brings in pancake mix." In less than 10 minutes we picked the upcoming Friday and created a list of who was bringing what. The griddle man (nickname) brought in a griddle, another person brought in pancake mix, then another provided bacon and another baked a hash brown casserole. We all arrived extra early that morning to set-up our breakfast in the break room.

That was the beginning of our Breakfast Club with approximately 12-14 people. We meet on the last Friday of each month and each team consist of two people who plan, buy and bring in the breakfast. It can be a simple event or as elaborate as your team wants to make it.

So far, my team has had two opportunities for hosting the breakfast club. Below is the first one and we decided on a Parisian theme for the breakfast, but with an American twist.

We placed the utensils, plates, ice cubes and juice pitcher in a small area of the mini conference room.

The main foods were placed on a round table in the center of the mini conference room, to accommodate everyone at the same time.

Since our theme included a little bit of Paris, we served a broccoli, sausage and cheddar cheese quiche, along with fresh cantaloupe, pineapple and watermelon cubes. To add more substance to the meal, bacon and sausage balls filled in the gap. For an American twist we had watermelon lemonade instead of orange juice.

When it was our tun again, we changed it to an earlier date in December, since a lot of people would be out of the office closer to Christmas.

Because the first quiche was a big hit (all 3 were prepared by my daughter), we decided to two quiches instead of one and added muffins to the mix this time.

This time the we provided a sausage and cheese quiche, blueberry and chocolate muffins. Strawberries were added to the fresh fruit mix and we served orange juice instead of the watermelon lemonade. We also added small white lights to keep it festive. All of the white platters, glass dishes, table runner, table cloth, place mat and the pitcher are from my favorite handout...Home Goods.

Although we started the breakfast club a mere nine months age, we have all enjoyed participating in it and the wonderful fellowship that it has created.

i hope that this inspires some of you to start a breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails club with either your co-workers, friends or family. You will enjoy it!

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