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2019...on it's way!

Whew, I don't know about you, but I find it hard to believe that 2019 is almost here. Is it just me, or did 2018 just seem to be flying by?

Around this time of year, I start to think about how well this current year has worked our and did I hit my goals that I set at the beginning of the year. Are there areas could or need to improve in. I also start to not only think about the upcoming holidays, but also the upcoming new year.

With the weather changing from summer to fall, it's a good opportunity to think about what needs shedding in my life, in order to make room for new growth to come. This is the time of year that I concentrate on what type of planners. I want for next year and if I want to stick with any current planners. Yes, I did say "planners" because I have never found one planner that works for both my personal and business life. There just isn't enough space, room or sections in one planner that takes care of my life. Plus I don't want to have to take a big planner around with me everyday. I do like to keep my personal planner on hand, my business planner at work and the other at work.

I also contemplate on if I want to invest in a goal planner, that would go along with my other planners. Last year I bought the half year 2018 Powersheets by Lara Casey. Although I did love the goal planning aspect of the Powersheets, I will admit that I only got half way through the Powersheets, not because the concept wasn't a good one, but I have to admit that I put it down and then got lazy about reviewing it.

As I am typing this, it's still on my mind if I should buy another set and start out fresh, or just write on the pages that are unused. Hmm... decisions, decisions.

Along with goal setting, I have decided to buy, and to also create the following planners for 2019:

  1. Personal / Family planner

  2. Business / Work planner

  3. Financial planner

  4. Look book planner

  5. Recipe planner

  6. Vacation planner

  7. Home planner / binder

Of course I will not be carrying all the above planners around with me, but I will use them. Stay tuned for how I create my planners and also to see if I do go ahead and purchase the Powersheets for 2019.

Check in again to see what I have bought and what I have put together. I will have step by step layouts on my planners and binder. I am getting excited about all the planner possibilities and setting goals. I come.

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